How to do file transfer from your MacBook to Your Mobile phone ?

File transfer. mac file transfer.

Have you ever faced a situation where you want a file, document to be transferred from your MacBook to your mobile phone immediately. And you don’t have a data cable or internet. Read the full post where you will be able to do file transfer from your MacBook to your Mobile Phone using a inbuilt feature Bluetooth.

Let’s see how you can get it done.

But why and when you need this Bluetooth File transfer feature ?
  • You need this technology to share files between your devices.
  • When you don’t have other option, any app, internet, data cable to transfer files.
  • Incase you have less files or less docs to transfer, via Bluetooth its much easier that other option.
  • It helps to transfer small files and less doc immediately and easily.

Now i will show you how i used Bluetooth to transfer a file from my MacBook pro to my Android phone.

Step 1:

Open your MacBook’s Utilities folder by going to your Application Menu and open Bluetooth App.Bluetooth App in your macbook

Step 2:

Now select your file which you want to share and click send as shown in the picture Ihave just taken one .JPG file for transfer, you can select more.

mac file transfer

Step 3:

Now you will get the screen where your Mac will search for the available device and you choose the device with which you want to initiate the file transfer. And pair the device. Once you successfully paired with the mobile phone you will be able to transfer files. Here i have selected my Nokia Mobile to pair with my Mac and to transfer files.

After following these steps you will be successfully able to transfer files in between your MacBook and android mobile. Please do comment if you have any queries.

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