How to Force quit an application in Windows System ?

If you are Windows user you must have seen sometimes some of your running applications like Google Chrome, Notepad, any other applications stops responding. Due to which the work gets interrupted. Here is the instruction on how to force quit application in Windows 10 system.

There are 3 methods you can force quit an app mentioned as below.

  • Using Task Manager
  • By Command Prompt
  • Through keyboard shortcuts
Force Quit Using Task Manager

This is a very common and easy method to quit an app which is not responding. You will be knowing the widely used tool Task Manager in windows which will help to quit an app.

There are two ways to open Task Manager, by right clicking on the Windows task bar and select Task Manager or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc on your keyboard.

Now you will be redirected to Task Manager Menu and choose the app which is not responding and click on End Task to quit the app, for ref. see the below figure.

Here for example i have taken Any Desk and closing the app.

Force Quit Using Command Prompt

If you like to quit and unresponsive app in your Windows 10 pc you can do it from command line using CMD application. Type “cmd” in the Windows search bar and then select the application as shown in the figure.

Once command prompt is opened type the below command to see all the running programme, services and tasks in your system and hit Enter.


Now you choose out of the output result which is the unresponsive app and wanted to quit that app. And type the below command to exeute.

taskkill /im (app).exe

Here for example i have force quit Any Desk, and below figure shows the output.

Note:: You will get a success output message, lets you know that you have successfully force quit the non responding app.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

There is other way you can stop the unresponsive app by just pressing Fn + F4 in your keyboard, it works if you are in the same menu of the unresponsive app it will shut the app.

Finally you noticed, due to application crash the system it self is not responding now there are two options either you need to wait or restart the system. Rather than force restarting your system do it through keyboard shortcut Alt+F4 you will be pop up a restart menu and can restart or shutdown the pc.

TIP :: A simple fix for applications not responding is to open less application on your system taskbar and close some background processes.

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