How to make text or image blur in Microsoft paint ?

Although blur option is not inbuilt or avail there in Microsoft paint application,there is still possibilities you can make your project image or some confidential text blur, here i will show you in very simple step to do so.

Step 1:

Open the text or image you want to blur in paint application

Step 2:

Now select the portion from tools you want to make blur, then move the selected portion to some other area.

Step 3:

Re-size the selected area which you placed in other area, then make it smaller than the original size by holding one edge of the portion and drag it inward.

Step 4:

Now move the resized image to the original image area from where you had selected and moved then resize it again till it fit to the area.

I this post will be helpful for you let me know if you need same kind of topics so that i will guide you.

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