Forgotten your Ubuntu Password!

Forgot ubuntu password

Sometimes being a Linux Admin you must have faced users who have forgot their Ubuntu user login password, or as a user sometimes you forget the login password, in this tutorial i will show you how to reset your forgotten user password.

I will show you very simple steps to reset the password.

Step 1:

Reboot your system, and navigate to recovery mode by clicking on advanced option for Ubuntu shown in the Fig.1 , if it is a virtual system click on restart button and shift key at a time you will be at a

Fig 1

Step 2:

Now you will be at your Recovery menu , and drop down to root and enter, now you be be at your root login screen as shown in Fig B, any type the below command to reset your password.

$ passwd your_username

Recovery Menu
Fig B

Hope this tutorial will be helpful for you, any questions or queries leave a comment .

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