RAM Vs ROM ! 8 points You Can Be Certain.

ram vs rom

In this article RAM Vs ROM, I will discuss about the key difference between both the memory types, and before that let us know the basics between them.


Random Access Memory in short known as RAM . It is also known as volatile memory and temporary memory.it maintains the data only when you are working in your system. It stores the information in temporary forms and requires power to store data.

When system is turned off, Data which are stored in this memory is lost, so it is called temporary memory.

We can use RAM for both read and write operations.

The size is more and also it is costly when compared with ROM.

There are two types of RAM which are widely available in the modern computer world, SRAM (static RAM) and DRAM (dynamic RAM). SRAM is expensive to produce, which stores every bit of data using the state of a transistor memory cell.  On the other hand DRAM, store a bit of data using a pair having a transistor and capacitor. Since it is cheaper to produce as compared to SRAM, they are widely used in computers across the world. 


ROM is a abbreviation of Read Only Memory . It is a non-volatile memory and and data written on it is permanent. It stores the data even if the system is not in use and powered-off.

Microprocessor can read from it but can not write any new data on it, as it is pre-programmed by the manufacturer.

ROM contains a specialized program which is known as BIOS. Which microprocessor uses to load the OS from HDD or SSD. ROM is preinstalled in your motherboard.

Important Point:: ROM is different from your HDD/SSD.

It can be used only for read operations and the cost is very less. The size is small and the capacity is also less. RAM is used in CPU cache whereas ROM is used in microcontrollers.

In the modern computer world, booting for the main processor is stored in ROM, other devices like a graphics card, hard disk, CD-DVD drives also utilizes ROM in the system.

RAM Vs ROM : Comparison Table

Now i will show you a table from where you will be able to compare between RAM and ROM very easily from different angle.

DataCan not hold data without powerHolds data without power
PriceHighComparatively low
PowerRAM chip is volatile, loses information if power is goneROM is nonvolatile, does not require a constant source of power
SpeedWriting data to RAM is fasterComparatively slow
UseRAM chip is used in normal operation of a computerROM is primarily used in the startup process of a computer or bootstrapping
Memory TypeVolatileNon Volatile
RAM Vs ROM Table
RAM Vs ROM : Conclusion

In this article i have covered the difference between on both the Primary Memory types. RAM vs ROM, we have seen both the memory have their own set of pros and cons. But both types of memory devices are helpful and must required for the efficient function of a computer system. ROM is cheap, can hold data permanently, but has its own set of limitation like hard to modify the data, and that too for a fixed number of time. RAM is expensive, but at the same time, data can be altered on it multiple times.

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