How to reset Forgot windows 7 password .

windows 7 password

Forgotten your windows operating system password ? Want to reinstall the OS ? Stop! i will show you a easy trick to get the administrator or your user name password reset. So now let’s start.

In this trick, you will need a bootable windows stick. As am showing the password reset for windows 7 system, you can follow the same trick for other windows system as will. If you want to reset the password for all other version of Windows you can also follow the steps.

Step 1:

Hope you have a bootable windows 7 usb stick with you so now connect it to your laptop/desktop and boot your system from bootable stick.

Forgot my Windows password
Booting my laptop from bootable usb stick

Step 2:

Now click on Repair your computer, and choose the 1st option as shown in the picture, then choose command prompt, for few of the system you can directly go for command prompt by pressing SHIFT+F10.

Click on Repair your computer
Now select the first option
Now Choose command prompt

Step 3:

Now you should be at your command prompt, now type the below commands and enter.

Note: Here my OS is installed in d drive.

cd windows
cd system32
ren sethc.exe sethc.exe.bak
copy cmd.exe sethc.exe

Step 4:

Close all the open windows and reboot/shutdown your system, remove the bootable drive form your system. Turn on your system you will be in your main windows log in screen. Now press the SHIFT key 5 times, you will get one command prompt.

Now type the below command in the opened command prompt.

net user user_name new_password

By running this command you will be successfully reset the password of your administrator/user account , now close the command prompt and login with the new reset password. You can use the same to trick for recovering forgot windows 10 password.


Is it not a good trick ? By following this steps you be successfully able to reset forgotten password. Please leave a comment if you have further queries.

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