Simple rules to stay safe on Facebook.

Among all social media application Facebook is a widely used and having billions of users, and while using you must be thinking of how you can secure yourself and can stay safe on Facebook. So let me explain you few of the ideas and precautions you should focus on while using Facebook.

  • Learn to use Facebook’s privacy settings and understand where to apply those policies.
  • Use the Safety Center to learn about safety at Facebook and find helpful information on topics like bullying.
  • Frequently review your ad settings from Ads menu in Facebooks setting page.
  • Edit your basic informations on your profile and choose who can see it.

Below are few basic rules anyone can follow and which is very simple to follow those practice so that you can keep safe yourself.

  • Never share your password with anyone.
  • Think before you share or post something on your profile.
  • Adjust your privacy settings and review them often.
  • It is better practice to accept friend requests from people you know personally. Or never accept friend request from unknown people.
  • If you found something suspicious report it immediately.

How to do privacy settings in Facebook ?

If you are using facebook in any system(laptop, desktop etc.)

  1. Click on the ▾ on the top right.
  2. Click SettingsPrivacy to see your privacy settings.

For Mobile Phones:

  1. Click on the ☰ on top right of your Facebook application.
  2. Click Settings & Privacy > Privacy Shortcuts to see shortcuts to your privacy settings.

I hope this topic will be helpful and you will follow these simple rules to stay safe on Facebook.

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