What is a File Server ?

file server

In an organization it is always important to share files and documents within employees through the network.When it comes to sharing a file in a convenient way the File server comes to mind. Before you configure a file server, you must understand what a file server actually does.


File servers are machines on your network that store data files to share among network clients. The same machine can be a file server and another type of server. For example, a machine can both host network files and run Exchange Server 2013. Such a machine would have both file server and application server functions. (Application servers are machines that host applications used by network clients.)

File server helps to controls access to separately stored files, as part of a multi-user system

When setting up a file server, one of the most important things you will do is to set up work and personal folders for your users. I have been consulting for many years, and one thing I always stress to all of my clients is to perform regular backups. After all, most organizations would not be able to recover after losing all of their data. Usually, companies back up only their servers, and this is why home folders are so important. Home folders are one of the most common file types on a file server; they are folders set up on the server for users to store information.

Users have a location on the server to store their important data, and therefore that data will be backed up when the company does its regular backups. Home folders are just one example of how to use work folders on a file server. I will be discussing other examples throughout this chapter.

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