What is LDAP ? Lightweight Directory Access Protocol explained.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol in short known as LDAP. It is a open directory service protocol that provides flexible support for directory-enabled applications. Without the dependencies and domain-related restrictions of AD DS. It also helps in accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an Internet Protocol network. In other words it also is a Directory protocol who helps you to query any object within AD.

LDAP directory servers stores data in hierarchical order. Like for you the domain name is domain.local, but for LDAP it's “dc=domain,dc=local”. This format is known as DN (Distinguish Name). One of the techniques to partition the directory is to use LDAP referrals. Which enable users to refer ldap requests to a different server.

Note:: Most of the peoples think that LDAP also authenticates but it is not true. LDAP only helps to store and query the object in its own format (X.501) and when object is found, Kerberos actually authenticates.

For example, If you are using your username and password. LDAP will first find out whether there is any such user or not. Once it finds your user details, it handovers you to Kerberos for the authentication process.

Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) was developed for organizations that require flexible support for directory-enabled applications. AD LDS, which uses the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol , is a directory service that adds flexibility and helps organizations avoid increased infrastructure costs.

Using the LDP tool You can view and modify the contents of the Active Directory schema using LDAP-based queries. The LDP tool allows you to view information about application data partitions as well.

Ldp. Exe is a graphical person interface (GUI) tool. It lets in an administrator to configure Lightweight Directory access protocol directory service. Administrators have the ability to use the LDP tool to manage Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) instance. To apply the ldp tool, you should be an administrator or equal.

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