What is NTFS ? All you need to Know .


NTFS : Introduction

New Technology File System in short known as NTFS is a property journaling file system introduced with it first Operating system Windows NT 3.1. NTFS is an option that you have seen when you are formatting a storage device(USB Drive, Hard drive).

NTFS : Supported OS

The file system is by default supportable by Windows Operating system.

NTFS is also supported in other desktop and server operating systems as well. Linux and BSD have a free and open-source NTFS driver, called NTFS-3G, with both read and write functionality. 

Have you ever used a NTFS drive in macOS ? macOS comes with read-only support for NTFS; its write support for NTFS is unstable, so by default file writing is disabled.

NTFS : Features

There are lot of features available in NTFS file system over FAT and FAT32. Few are discussed below.

  • Compression: It has a very good feature that it allows file compression so your organization can enjoy increased storage space on a disk. For example a file that usually takes up 10MB of space might use only 7MB.
  • Security : One of the biggest advantages of NTFS is security. An advantage of NTFS security is that the security can be placed on individual files and folders.
  • Reliability: NTFS focuses on the consistency of the file system so that in the event of a disaster (such as a power loss or system failure), you can quickly restore your data.
  • Disk space utilization: In addition to file compression, NTFS also allows disk quotas. This feature enables businesses to have even more control over storage space.
  • File system journaling: This means that you can easily keep a log of⁠—and audit⁠—the files added, modified, or deleted on a drive. This log is called the Master File Table (MFT).
  • Quotas: Quotas allows you to limit how much hard drive space users can have on a server.

NTFS : Conclusion

In the article we have covered few of the best advantages and disadvantages of this file system and its features. The primary disadvantage of NT file system is that its modern capabilities aren’t accessible to older technology.

This file system is designed to work with a Windows operating system and it is best compatible with Windows OS only.

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